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Since 2001 I have been involved in the study of finger flutings. Finger flutings are lines people drew with their hands on the walls of caves during the Ice Ages. While we don't know why they created them, they give us a wealth of information about the people who made them. Over the last few years we've been able to work out how many people drew lines in some of the caves, and discovered the presence in some caves of men, women, and children. The research is ongoing in France, Spain, and Australia. Every year we learn so much more. 

For Jude -- A1 alcove 6 28 series hight
Koonalda 2019 -- lamp and flutings bette

I've been involved with the Dodd Walls Centre at the University of Otago for the last few years developing a series of lamps that are the same colour, intensity and flicker as the original prehistoric lamps. We hope to be able to see more of the art in the original ways through this project and literally shed light on the past. 


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